Your stay at Riad dar7louyat

Enhance your stay at Dar7louyat, explore Moroccan culture and cooking, visit the Medina and the surroundings, enjoy trips and trekking. 



Make your stay at Dar7Louyat an opportunity to explore the jewels of the Medina of Fez and some aspects of Moroccan culture. Culture and architecture explorations, cooking classes and Moroccan traditional cooking, guided cultural visits, craft works discovery, Middle Atlas amazing nature tours...

Moroccan traditional Tajine

Traditional amazing moroccan cooking

From breakfast to dinner, enjoy the variety of Moroccan cooking thanks to our extraordinary cook!


Cooking classes

Why not having some cooking classes on Moroccan traditional cooking during your stay at Dar 7 Louyat?

Our wonderfful cooks will show you how to use Moroccan spices and prepare traditional meals such as the famous tajines. You will be able to go shopping in the souks with them, and discover the huge variety of vegetables and fruits of Morocco. You will chose and prepare your own tailored menu.

A discovery of the genuine Moroccan culture.

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See how our guest Nneya enjoyed her cooking class!

Cedars forest in the Middle Atlas

Tours and treks

The Fez surroundings are worth spending a good time visiting. Old historical sites such as Meknes imperial city, the Roman ruins of Volubilis or the Holly village of Moulay Idriss, and the colourful Chefchaouen are easy to visit from Fez. The forests and the gorgeous nature of the Middle Atlas are ideal for treks.

We can arrange tours that will allow you to visit Fez and also enjoy some still unknown marvels of the surroundings.

Dying crafts works in the Medina of Fez

visits of the medina

Walking around and getting lost in the maze of the narrow streets of the Medina of Fez is for sure one of the most striking memory one can keep from one's trip in Morocco. Dar7louyat is ideally situated at the heart of the oldest area of the Medina, close to the famous Al Qaraouyine Mosque, the Moulay Idriss Mausoleum and all the traditional shops and crafts workshops.


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Henna ceremony

The Henna is a traditional tattooing technique,which differs from other tattoo because it doesn't last more a few weeks. Henna has been used since antiquity to dye skin, hair and fingernails.

We can arrange a ceremony for you with a Henna woman.

Traditional Hammam Bickets at Riad Dar7louyat Fez

Hammam, massages and saunas

Let us advice and guide you to the best places of the town

Trek to Jebel Zalagh from the Medina