About Dar 7 Louyat Riad in the Medina of Fez

History, architecture and restoration of the Riad dar 7 Louyat, Fez Medina

Wall Fountain at Dar7louyat Riad in Fez

About the riad dar7louyat

Dar 7 Louyat is a splendid mansion of the fifteenth century, a haven of peace in the heart of the medina of Fez, close to the oldest university in the world, the Great Mosque Qaraouyine from which the call of the muezzin beats the rythm of the day.

Dar7louyat is a “riad” or rather a “dar”, a traditional old house typical of the medina and the Islamic architecture.

It was long inhabited by scholars of the Qarayouine mosque. Our house was proceeded a long and careful restoration according to the traditional rules of local architecture.

Its architectural features are made of elegance and lightness, resulting thanks to the art skills of the owner in a feeling of rest and peace which contrasts with the busy activity of the medina.

Terrace and patio roof of Dar7louyat, Riad in Fez

History and architecture

The old Fassi talk of sbaa Louyat as one of the most exclusive streets of the medina.
Famous bourgeois families had their mansions here. .

The atmosphere was of secular traditions that married peaceful social relationships with an architectural and aesthetic sense, along with a concern for the cleanliness of the environment.

Sbaa Louyat was said to be one of the cleanest streets of Fez.

In ancient times, no doubt that this area was home to scholars and teachers of Qaraouiyine nearby.

Oral tradition relates the great scholar Abu’l-Ahmad al-‘Abbas Manjur (926 H / 1519 AD – 995 H / 1588 AD) lived there.

A house bearing his name can be found in the street sbaa Louyat (Dar al-Manjur).

We know that in XII century great scientists have studied at the Quaraouiyine nearby: Averrroes, Maimonides, Ibn Khaldun …

The majesty of the riads of this part of the medina attests to that time and we have restored our own so as to regain some of that bygone atmosphere.

Stucco (plaster) works of restoration at Riad dar7louyat

restoration works

Restoration works have lasted 10 years more.

We learnt patience and enjoyed the human wealth of the various people we met during this experience.

Most of them being passionate of their cultural and architectural heritage.

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